Supernova Slickline: Extending Operational Life Guidelines

Extending Slickline Operational Life

In order to obtain optimal in-service performance and maximise the life of your Supernova Slicklines the following care and management should be followed.

  • Always transport and store the reels in the treated wooden crates provided.
  • When handling the steel reel ensure it remains vertical (the central hole in the steel reel always
  • being horizontal)
  • Do not remove the wire tension retainers on both ends of the Supernova Slickline prior to beginning the initial spooling process
  • Exclusively Layer Wind (smooth wrap) the wire on to the drum using the correct tension at the appropriate stages
  • Determine the suitability of the slickline for the planned intervention and declared well conditions
  • Check the slickline diameter
  • Ensure that the correct sized sheaves are used, the minimum sheave diameter = 120 x wire OD
  • Inspect all sheaves for excessive wear and that they rotate freely
  • Use new packing in the stuffing box and change the wire guides if they show signs of excessive wear.
  • Avoid kinking the line
  • Conduct a Wrap Test of a minimum of 8 wraps; inspect the wraps carefully for evidence of cracks, marks or defects of any kind, (if these are found cut off additional wire and repeat the test until a satisfactory result is obtained)
  • Do not allow the slickline to rub the side of the drum, drag on the ground or rub on shafts or other equipment
  • When winding and re-spooling maintain both a constant tension and the natural curvature of the wire
  • When running in to the hole avoid sudden brake application
  • Exercise extreme caution during jarring operations, check “jarred” lines for possible stretch
  • (reduced wire diameter) or other damage
  • Always secure the loose end of the line after use
  • Always lubricate the wire when running into the well.
  • Never exceed the industry best practice of a maximum of 60% of the lower of the two break loads reported on the NWUK reel specific test certificate.
  • During the final run out of the hole use clean the wire using a wireline wiper to remove well fluids.
  • Cut off a minimum of 20ft at the end of the operation
  • Keep the wire record update including accurate wire cut off, number of jars, maximum tension pulled and maximum depth run along with well fluids encountered and wire tests performed

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